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Riddle me this

- Created November 8th 2017
- Last Modified November 8th 2017

If one believes in God, but lives in a society that says God is a golden calf, does he lie when he says he's an athiest? Does God punish him for being an athiest, or the ones worshiping a false idol?


What are you trying to do?
Who do you think you is?
Don't expect nobody to help you
Cause we asked for those
But you gave us these.

What time do you think it'll be
When you drop on your knees and die?
There'll be no begging for mercy
Cause I do believe we own the sky.

How long do you think we'll be waiting
Silently playing dead
You will remember everything
When you loose your head.

Because I do believe we own the sky
Yes I do believe we own the sky
(X 2)
We own the sky
we own the sky
Your pretty queen just broke a nail.

Where has the magic gone?

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